Pest Control

Venomous Spiders In Utah

We’d all like to ignore the thought of spiders and other creepy crawlies in our living space. It’s easier to just pretend that they don’t exist and that our homes, garages, basements, and yards are all completely pest free. Unfortunately, ignoring spiders and other pests will not make them go away. It’s important to be aware of which pests you may encounter, especially because Utah is home to several venomous spiders! Do you know what they are and how to identify them? Take a minute to learn about these 3 common venomous spiders in Utah so you can keep your family and home safe.

Black Widow

These are probably the best known dangerous spiders in the United States. They’re shiny and black with a red hourglass marking. Bites can cause pain, swelling, vomiting, and seizures. In some cases, bites can cause death.

Spider, Redback or Black Widow, Latrodectus hasselti, isolated on white

Hobo Spider

Often misidentified as a Brown Recluse, Hobo Spiders are brown and skinny with camouflage like markings. They aren’t quite as dangerous as Black Widow spiders, but their bites are still venomous and harmful. Bites can cause blisters, soreness, and death of tissue.

Desert Recluse

These smaller, skinnier spiders are more common in the southern desert counties of Utah. They aren’t incredibly dangerous, but their bites can cause soreness, swelling, pain, and flu-like symptoms.

Take some time to show these spiders to your family, especially children, and teach them basic spider bites first aid. If bitten, tell an adult, call Poison Control, apply ice, and keep the area clean and rested to decrease blood flow which can aggravate the bite. Be aware of places that spiders will build webs and nests, such as wood piles, corners, basements, and other dark and secluded areas.

The best possible way to prepare and protect your family from the venomous spiders in Utah is to invest in comprehensive pest control. Often people pass on pest control because they think it isn’t needed in the colder winter months, but that is when spiders are more likely to venture inside for protection from the elements. If both you and your unwelcome spider friends are retreating indoors and spending more time inside your home, the results can be painful. Spraying pest control around your yard and home boundaries can prevent spiders and other pests from making their way in through doorways, holes, and other tiny breaches of which you may not be aware.

Hawx Pest Control is an affordable and trustworthy option for pest control in the greater Utah area. We offer guaranteed safe and effective pest control that doesn’t require a lot of time, effort, or money on your part. We’ll assess, spray, and come back to touch up as needed to keep your home completely spider – and pest – free.

forest meadow covered in fall leaves

Basic Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Many people breathe a sign of relief when those colder breezes start blowing through their streets – it means summer is gone and so is all of the yard work and lawn maintenance! Sure, they’ll have to rake some leaves occasionally, but the pressure to keep your lawn fresh and green is off at last. However, lawn care experts suggest that a little bit of fall lawn maintenance can actually protect your lawn through the winter months and set you a higher, more successful yard baseline for next summer. Here are a few basic fall lawn maintenance tips to help your lawn survive the cold and frozen months, as well as greet the spring bright, healthy, and ready for sunshine!


Many people drop the fertilizer routine, thinking it isn’t necessary once it cools off because the grass will die or freeze anyway. Not true! A fertilizer late in the season, especially coupled with a winterizing fertilizer component will feed your lawn the nutrients it needs before the cold and throughout the freezing months so it can bounce back faster in the spring.

Weed Control

Did you know you can still get weeds in the winter months? Even below the frost, snow, and ice! You can prevent that now by applying a pre-emptive weed killer to your lawn. This means less work for you when the snow melts!


Now is the best time to punch these tiny holes in your soil to allow for water, air, and nutrients to permeate the soil. Do it now before it gets too cold to be outside, and you’ll be grateful when springtime arrives.

Don’t ignore leaves

It can be tempting to put off raking leaves for one more day when you’ve had a busy week or it’s particularly chilly outside. But leaves promote disease, pests and bacteria. Figure out what your raking, blowing, or mowing plan will be and enlist the help of your family when you are unable to conquer leaves on your own. Leaving them on your lawn can spell devastation for your careful hard work during the warm months.

Mow low for your last cuttings of the season

When you do your last 1-2 mows of the season, cut your grass down as low as you can (never more than 1/3 of the blade, which damages growth). This allows the roots to absorb more moisture and sunlight during the cold months, and less dead area on your lawn.

Pest Control

It’s somehow become a common conception that pests disappear with the warm weather, but actually the colder months can be even more dangerous. Pests look for more accessible food, cover, and warmth. If you leave decaying leaves on your lawn (which we all do from one time to another) or have any gaps in your exterior walls then your property has become a pest paradise. Call a full service pest control company to spray around your yard and home for all kinds of pests to keep your home and yard private, clean, and safe. Hawx Pest Control offers honest and affordable pest control for homes and businesses alike – call them today!

orange leaves hanging off branch

Fall Pest Prevention

How to Prevent Pests During the Chilly Season

As summer is winding down and fall is gliding in, we’re happy to be experiencing a slow decline in temperature, some chill breezes, and the promise of cold weather ahead. You may start thinking about Halloween costumes, but something you might not have thought about is keeping pests out of your home.


The thing with cold  weather is that it drives everyone inside, and not just you, your kids and your pets either. Colder weather makes it harder for bugs, mice, and other pests to stay alive, so they creep into your home to escape the cold. Mice are a big part of the problem, since cold weather and less food outside drive them to looking for paths into your home. Given that mice can find their way into your home months before you even see them, this should be a big deal for you as a homeowner.


That means in the coming weeks, and as temperatures start to drop, you need to understand that mice are already trying to find a way into your home, even if you can’t see them. If you don’t take the proper precaution now, they may ruin your Christmas. Who really wants to deal with mice nesting in your children’s presents?


So what do you do to prevent these pests?


The first thing you’ll want to do is take an inspection walk around the outside of your home. Look for holes in the siding or concrete. Window seals might also be vulnerable. Fill holes outside and inside with caulk or other material to prevent mice from getting in.


Another common pest you might run into during the winter are spiders. Spiders always manage to set up camp in corners and basements, but cold weather encourages them to move right into your home and garage. Spiders are trickier to deal with than mice because they’re much smaller and can sneak in without as much difficulty. You still want to be sure you’re sealing off your doorways, windows, and any other holes or entryways.Clearing away the cobwebs, crumbs, and junk that is around the doors, the corners of your garage, and especially in unfinished basements will decrease the appeal for spiders to head on into your warm and well-lit home.


The final step you can take on your own is to make sure you keep mulch, bushes, and any other landscaping features clearly away from your home’s foundations. This can help keep your home free of tiny bugs and pests.


All of these suggestions are good ways to take the first steps in pest proofing your home, but they’re not enough.The only sure-fire way to prevent pests from entering your home is to invest in pest control, which, contrary to what you might think, isn’t just for the summer.  Fall pest control is just as important and effective. You can pay for trustworthy and affordable pest control that will last through the fall and winter, keeping mice, bugs, and anything else you want to keep outside of your home. Hawx pest control provides safe and green pest control that will keep your house YOURS, not full of spiders, mice, bugs, cobwebs, and other creepy crawlies. Don’t make the mistake of thinking summer ending means your pest problems are at an end – fall and winter pests are just as pesky! Invest in Hawx Pest Control today.

Pest Control for Your Workplace

It’s not uncommon for people to choose pest control for their homes. You live there, for heaven’s sake! You don’t want ants in the kitchen where you eat, bees in the yard where your kids play, spiders creeping into your basement… it makes sense to have pest control for your home. You can get your home serviced several times a year to keep the pests from returning and give you some peace of mind. Have you ever noticed any pests at your workplace, though?

Pests are often attracted to commercial buildings for a variety of reasons. The doors of commercial buildings are opening and closing hundreds of times a day as employees, deliveries, customers, and other parties enter and exit the building. Most commercial businesses feature plants, trees, and flowers of some sort in the landscaping outside, meaning pests have places to live and retreat. And many workplaces have kitchens or break rooms with food and crumbs that beckon and tempt pests of all kinds.

Commercial buildings are usually owned by a building manager, but that building manager may not be present in the building every day. Often these managers own and manage several different commercial properties, so they aren’t aware of every single square inch of your building – or if there are pests sneaking their way inside. It’s important that pests are kept outside of commercial buildings just like residential buildings, because they pose the same damaging risks.

If you are a commercial property owner, investing in pest control through a reliable company like Hawx Pest Control is the easy and correct decision. Hawx Pest Control will come and assess your commercial property and quote you their expert opinion, service suggestion, and price. You can pay them up front or monthly, schedule your service appointments, and forget about it entirely! They will always follow through on their service appointments, keeping your commercial building pest-free, comfortable and safe. If the employees in your building notice pests at any point after enrolling in Hawx Pest Control services, have them let you know and you can immediately call Hawx Pest Control for an immediate and free touch up service. It’s their guarantee!

If you are simply an employee or business owner in a building plagued by pests, it’s time for you to put in a call to the property manager. Explain the pests you are seeing and the dangers they pose – including structural damage! Encourage them to invest in affordable and stress-free pest control that only requires them to make a phone call. If your building manager can simply call Hawx Pest Control and invest in regular pest control service appointments at your commercial business location, you can completely eliminate the reality of pests in your workplace.

Hawx Pest Control is the right option for your commercial or residential business, because they offer high quality work and a trustworthy service guarantee that will keep your building free from pesky pests, inside and out, no matter what!

When Should I Call for Pest Control?

It can be tricky to know when it’s the right time to make the move for real, legitimate pest control. Many people avoid it for as long as possible, thinking it’s a scam or expensive or ineffective. Others may think that their pest problem is just seasonal, and that it will soon be gone. Some people are renters, planning on selling their homes soon, or simply in denial that they have any kind of a pest problem at all. For the most part, we find that people generally don’t understand the value of legitimate pest control and they instead favor grocery store or DIY (do-it-yourself) pest control measures. These may work to some extent, but they are poor comparisons to the tested and proven pest control formula used by Hawx Pest Control. When is time to call Hawx?

  • You see dangerous pests like bedbugs, termites, wasps, or other harmful insects. Ants or small spiders may not be particularly harmful or scary, so if you’re seeing these then you might be comfortable with your basic grocery store pest control measures. But if you’re seeing any serious pests? DIY and grocery store options are definitely not strong enough to deal with damaging pests.
  • Family members are allergic to bee stings or have compromised immune systems. If you have any reason to believe that pests can adversely impact the health of your family members you want to turn to professional pest control to keep them safe. It isn’t just allergic reactions you should be afraid of – many pests carry diseases that may not affect healthy individuals, but can cause serious problems for sick or invalid individuals.
  • If you see a mouse. You may think it’s just a single mouse. You may run to the store and buy a mouse trap or ten. You may catch one mouse and think your problem is solved. The bad news is that where there’s one mouse, there are likely to be more mice. There are probably other holes or tunnels which the mouse found or created, meaning more mice in your future. Call Hawx Pest Control right away.
  • You have pets or small children. Mouse traps, harmful chemical sprays, and other forms of pest control can be dangerous for your pets and small children. Hawx Pest Control has a safe, pet- and kid-friendly formula that repels pests of all kinds without harming any of your tiniest beloved creatures.
  • You’re undergoing a remodel, sustain damage, or simply have an older home. Any home that may have exposed or weaker areas will be a safe haven for pests. Remodels leave exposed areas where pests can sneak in. Older or damaged homes may have holes, cracks, or other weak spots where pests are already comfortable and at home.
  • You’re seeing pests inside and outside your home in greater numbers. Where one pest has thrived, more will come. If you’re seeing more and more pests then you are already behind. Call Hawx Pest Control right away for instant pest control help.


Mopping wooden floor

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Pests

Pests are one of the worst parts of being a homeowner. You have to deal with them year round, inside your house and all around your yard. Some are more dangerous than others, of course, but all of them are demanding of your time and efforts. Ignoring them will get you no where, and will allow them time and comfort to multiply and make themselves at home. It is critical that you take as many of these steps as possible to prevent pests from settling into YOUR space.

  1. Use a trash can with a tight lid. This can decrease the smell and attraction for small pests to come looking. Take your trash out often, and check for pests around your trash cans regularly.
  2. Look for landscaping that touches your home or business. Do a quick lap around your building and look for trees, bushes, or other landscaping pieces that actually touch your home, providing a bridge for pests.
  3. Ditch clutter. If you have a junk shelf, rarely used storage, crawl space, or cluttered corner of your garage – that’s a likely place for pests to get comfortable. Clean it out and clean it up! Be ready to discover ants, spiders, or other pests in piles that haven’t been touched in a while!
  4. Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly to prevent pest-attracting crumbs and pest eggs from hatching and creating more pests. Keep an eye out for pests as you sweep, mop, and vacuum so you can be aware if you need to mount an attack!
  5. Check the sealing and insulation around your doors and windows – tiny cracks will invite pest guests! Older homes in particular have weakening sealant and misfit doors and windows. Bugs could be getting in and you wouldn’t even know!
  6. Look for cracks, holes, or gaps anywhere along your exterior walls or in your foundation. Seal them quickly and effectively to prevent pests from entering. Bees in particular are big fans of holes in your roof and the eaves of your house. A ladder may help you to find and fix holes around your home.
  7. Limit your use of backyard wood for mulch, furniture, playgrounds, etc. It may not be a problem, but it attracts beetles, termites, and certain flying pests. If you do use wood mulch or wood furniture, check it regularly for pest damage or wasp nests to protect yourself and your children.
  8. Buy or upgrade screens for your windows to deter pests from entering when you are trying to get a nice breeze. It’s also a good time to check the seal on your window – do you feel a draft or breeze? Consider fixing the sealant.
  9. Use store bought pest prevention products such as citronella candles, sprays, bug zappers, fly paper, or other options to manage small pest problems like mosquitos, flies, ants, and wasps.
  10. Even with these helpful tips you may find pests in your home and yard. They’re very good at what they do! Call Hawx Pest Control for quarterly sprays that will keep you safe, pest-free, and with plenty of time to focus on more important things.


Bee pollinating flower

Stop the Sting

Summer should be full of snow cones, softball games, swimming, and NO stinging. Unfortunately, the summer season is prime for stinging insects of all kinds. Not only are stinging insects a huge drag on any outdoor gathering – they’re also incredibly dangerous to those with allergies, small children, and pets.

Some stinging insects are actually good for the environment – they prevent other pests and problematic plants and weeds from flourishing. But most of the problematic stinging bugs like hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets are more dangerous and threatening. Their stings can cause pain, swelling, and even fatal allergic reactions. Additionally, stinging insects build homes that can destroy or compromise structures. Most stinging insects live in colonies, meaning they build giant homes that can house thousands of their closest friends. That’s a problem, because it means you’re not dealing with just a few stinging insects in your backyard – you’re dealing with an army of stinging insects in your backyard!

Half a million people visit a hospital or emergency room every year due to insect stings. If you know your family is allergic to stinging insects make sure you invest in some pest control and keep an emergency kit at home to treat anaphylactic shock from sting infections. If you host a lot of backyard get-together’s it is just as important to keep them safe from the tyranny of stinging insects.

Where can you find stinging insects in your yard? Anywhere. The most common places are in the eaves of houses and underneath your gutters. Any wood furniture like dining sets, sheds, or playgrounds will be popular with stinging bugs as well. Be very careful going under a deck or into an attic space. There are also hives in trees and bushes – even underground! You could stumble onto a large hive accidentally, so investing in preventative pest control can keep you and your family safe from an unwelcome discovery.

One good first step is to seal off any openings, cracks, or holes that are on the surface of your home or furniture to discourage hives from forming. Educate your family about wasp and stinging insect safety – don’t swat, don’t freak out, just slowly get distance and tell mom or dad! You can use insect repellent, but it doesn’t always work for insects bigger than mosquitoes. It may be a good idea to keep a wasp repellent on hand, just in case stinging insects invade a party or gathering in your back yard.

By far the best thing you can do to keep your family safe is to invest in affordable pest control. Hawx pest control offers honest and affordable pest control for homes and businesses to keep them pest free and safe. Pest control technicians will come as often as you designate to spray an eco- and pet-friendly formula around your yard and home. If you see a pest between service appointments you can call them to re-spray free of charge. Call Hawx Pest Control for a sting-free summer!

cockroach against white surface

What is the Best Season & Frequency for Pest Control?

What time of year is the best for you to enlist the services of pest control? How often should they service your home and yard? These questions sometimes prevent people from getting the pest control help they need because they are unsure of the answers and scared that they will be taken advantage of by sketchy companies. There are a lot of pest control companies out there, and many of them might see you as a cash cow. Educate yourself about the best seasons and frequencies for pest control below to ensure that you make the right decision.

The Best Season for Pest Control

Depending on your location there usually comes a particularly bad pest season. For some that can be summertime when there are millions of bees or bugs swarming the backyard when you tried to host a barbecue. For others it might be the wintertime when spiders flood their home and basement. In the face of pests decisions are sometimes a little rash, and they may find that pest control companies take advantage of their desperation OR they may feel that it’s already too late for help.

The good news is that pest control is instantly effective and preventative of pests year round. This means that even if you feel like the “pest season” is winding down, getting pest control is a good idea. It will deter the current pests at the snap of your fingers and prevent the pests that are upcoming in the next seasons. Pest control is appropriate for every season, any time of year.

The Right Frequency

How often should pest control companies service your home and yard? Again, it really depends on your home and yard,  your location, and how long you’ve used pest control. The first step is to make sure your pest control consultant and technicians fully assess your home, basement, and yard. Once they know exactly what they are dealing with they can make their best assessment for your property. An honest company like Hawx Pest Control will tell you the appropriate frequency for service appointments without “taking you for a ride.”

If you have questions or concerns about the price or frequency, keep asking questions about your pest control. Sign up for the frequency that feels right to you, taking into account the recommendation from your knowledgeable pest control technician.

Sometimes customers will find that they still have pests on their current pest control plan. It may mean that they pest control technician missed a spot, or that you need to increase your frequency. Haw Pest Control offers a free service if you see a pest anytime between your scheduled service appointments.

Haw Pest Control is a smart, affordable, and honest pest control company – at any time of the year! You may be noticing pests more frequently now that you’re outside enjoying your yard and experiencing pests. Don’t wait! Call Hawx Pest Control to exterminate and protect your home from pesky pests!

Smiling girl on the floor with a white dog

Pest Control: Safe for Your Kids & Pets?

As it warms up, you and your family will find yourselves outside more often. It’s time for backyard baseball and barbecues, after all. Your yard should be your safe haven and play place during the spring and summer months, providing an area for all members of the family to enjoy. Unfortunately, that area can become a war zone if it’s infiltrated by pests. They might build their homes in the eaves of your roof, burrow into your garden soil, and even creep past the doorway defenses of your home to make themselves comfy in your kitchen or basement. Pests can make the warmer months much trickier – and much less safe. But you don’t have to stand for that.

Almost everyone has a testimony of pest control – at least for bug sprays! A topical bug repellent works great for camping or outdoor activities if you live in an area with lots of insect pests. When it comes to stinging and biting pests like wasps or spiders, you might have tried a long distance spray to kill or deter them from living near your home. Many families use “ant motels” or ant traps to keep the littlest pests from joining them at the dinner table. All of these methods work, but they’re TOO much work if you know what I mean. You have to do everything! You have to buy the products, many of harsh or dangerous chemicals, and apply them yourself, hoping they don’t fall into the hands of children or the mouths of pets.

There’s a better way to do pest control. There’s a way to safely protect your home and yard from vicious pests, without risking the safety of your kids or pets by using harsh chemicals. And the best part is that you don’t even have to do anything yourself.

Hawx Pest Control is one of the top rated pest control companies in the country for a very good reason. They have a sparkling reputation and an ironclad performance history for providing safe and effective pest control for homes in Utah, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. Their track record is strong because they offer the best possible pest control for your home or business and can guarantee the safety of your children and pets.

Hawx Pest Control uses a safe and harmless formula to prevent pests from getting too comfortable on your property. Their technicians will come spray your home and yard, targeting popular pet areas, and just like that you can be pest free. The pest control formula will effectively remove and deter pests in your backyard and home, and it is completely safe for kids and pets alike. No more worrying about the harsh and dangerous chemicals of store-bought pest control, and no more worrying about the pests creating a feeding frenzy on your porch!

In one service appointment, you can safely remove pests from your yard and home while scheduling follow-up appointments quarterly to keep the pests away for good. Hawx Pest Control offers a pest control option that is safe for your kids and pets, and the best choice for your summer plans!

Meet Hawx Pest Control

Pest control has been a growing industry in the last decade, and the options are varied. It may seem that there’s a lot of competition in the pest control world, but once you really get to know the companies it’s obvious to see which pest control companies are the real deal and which are designed to service you once and rip you off. It’s important that you take the time to investigate pest control companies and familiarize yourself with their work before you make the decision to commit.

Hawx Pest Control is the premier pest control company in Utah. But not just Utah! Hawx Pest Control is a leading provider of pest control in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio. Not only has Hawx Pest Control been successful in each of these states, but they have also developed a strong background of pest control in multiple different environments and ecosystems. Within these states, Hawx Pest Control has offices in key cities, meaning they are always just a phone call away for service.

Hawx Pest Control uses only ecofriendly formulas to protect the environment and prevent pollution and harmful products. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Hawx Pest Control products are also completely safe for pets, animals, and children. You won’t ever have to worry about any harmful effects coming from your pest control.

Hawx Pest Control is optimized for your area, meaning they will specifically target whatever pests you may be experiencing. Whether you deal with insects, stinging insects, spiders, or rodents, Hawx Pest Control has a solution for you. You can have instant relief from the annoying pests after just one service, then set up return visits based on your needs.

Commercial locations need pest control too, and Hawx can help. Hawx Pest Control has both residential and commercial plans available to keep your home and workplace completely pest-free and safe. Their professional and state-licensed technicians will be able to service your commercial locations before or after hours, or even on Saturdays in order to stay out of the way of your business.

The Hawx Pest Control plan has a multi-step approach called the “Elite Defense System” that keeps pests off your property – your entire property. It includes targeting “focus areas” like your foundations, the eaves of your home, moisture centers, the garage, furnace rooms, sinks, entrances, and of course any where else you may have encountered pests before.

One of the most important features of the Hawx Pest Control system is the re-service guarantee. If at any time during your service plan you see or suspect a pest, all you need to do is call. A technician will return immediately and re-service your entire property, free of charge. Even further, if there continues to be a problem you will get your entire investment back, no questions asked.

Hawx Pest Control is committed to their work and to providing you with the best possible pest control in the state of Utah (and Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio!).