The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your Atlanta Home


The next time someone tells you "don't let the bed bugs bite" before you go to bed, take their words seriously. Bed bugs do not belong anywhere in your home, and you should be taking action to keep them out. In addition to being annoying, bed bugs are hazardous to your health. Find out exactly why bed bugs in Atlanta are dangerous.

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How Are Bed Bugs Harmful?

There are a few ways in which bed bugs can be hazardous to your health. Over the years, people have done extensive research on bed bugs. Researchers determined that bed bugs have about 48 pathogens in their guts, saliva, and excrement.  Although researchers are still trying to decide how many of those pathogens can make humans sick, there's a risk that bed bugs can cause illness. In a recent study, scientists discovered that bed bugs should transmit trench fever to humans. But illness isn't the only reason you don't want these Atlanta pests.

Making Life Uncomfortable

Bed bugs also cause discomfort. When they bite you, their saliva causes irritation. They often leave welts that itch. In some people, the irritation results in a skin rash, eye watering, and sweating. Severe reactions include abdominal pain, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing. While only some people have severe reactions to bed bugs, everyone is affected in one way or another. One of the most common consequences of bed bugs is insomnia. While bed bugs don't cause pain when they feed, you may feel them on your skin. Your bites or the presence of bed bugs could make you stay awake all night. If you don't think a few sleepless nights are a big deal, think again. A lack of sleep causes several health issues. In addition to affecting your health, your lack of sleep could affect your work performance or your social life.

Other Consequences Of Bed Bugs

Your bed bug problem could also result in a secondary infection. When you scratch all day long, bed bug bites can become open wounds. These wounds are prone to infection. If untreated, an infected bed bug bite could have serious consequences.It takes significant blood loss to cause anemia. Although a small Infestation won't result in enough blood loss for anemia to occur, a large infestation will. You or a family member may need iron supplements. Your home is your comfort zone. If you have bed bugs, you can't live a quality life. You won't sleep well and you may be embarrassed to have people over. The bed bugs won't only be in your bedroom; they could live in your couch and baseboards. If guests come into your home, they'll be affected by bed bugs.

The Difficulties Of Bed Bugs

It's not as easy as you might think to prevent bed bugs. Unlike cockroaches and other pests, bed bugs don't seek out dirty homes. As long as there are people or animals in a home, bed bugs have food. They're excellent hitchhikers that can follow you home whenever you travel.

Once you have bed bugs, they're difficult to eliminate. Without the help of a pest control technician in Atlanta, you will continue to suffer. Unfortunately, DIY attempts at bed bug removal often end in failure. They're fast to breed, so you need to remove every bed bug before your home is pest-free. Over-the-counter chemicals just aren't enough. If you want to prevent or eliminate bed bugs, you need professional help. Contact Hawx Pest Control at the first sign of bed bug problems. We're ready to prevent or eliminate bed bugs. Give us a call, and you can start protecting your home.

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