What Every Atlanta Property Owner Needs To Know About Rats


Rats are a pest no one wants to have, both due to the direct dangers they can pose to your family as well as the property damage they can cause around your home. We see them so often that we’ve started to normalize them in our everyday lives, but these furry mammals should never be accepted as part of the household family.

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Rats are easily some of the most dangerous pests in Atlanta. Over a foot long, these tiny-eared mammals are identified by their blunt noses and scaly, pink tails.

Rats have an extraordinarily dependent relationship on humans, feeding off our food stores, pantries, and even garbage piles. In the wild, these creatures live in locations where breeding and feeding are easiest to do. In homes, rats enjoy holing up inside the walls, basements, attics, and even kitchen areas of our homes.  

Rats bring a host of problems to the homes in which they infest, including:

  • Household damage and destruction 
  • Physical injury through biting and scratching 
  • The spread of serious diseases such as hantavirus 
  • The transmission of parasites like fleas and their eggs 
  • Food contamination through constant feeding

Unless household rat infestations are dealt with quickly, they will only continue to worsen in size and scope. This is why prevention is essential for Atlanta homeowners that want to keep their properties protected from the dangers and damages rodents bring.

Rat Prevention Tips For Atlanta Property Owners

Although they may be difficult to monitor and remove once established, rats are relatively simple to prevent in Atlanta homes and businesses. Adhere to the following prevention steps to keep your property clean and clear all year long:

  • Mitigate moisture levels by installing dehumidifiers in problem areas of the building. Less susceptible locations may be handled with a desiccant bag or fan. 
  • Rats may chew through almost any substance, including wood, plastic, cardboard, paper, and even concrete. Inspect your home regularly for signs of rodent damage, destruction, or gnawing. 
  • Get waterproof caulking to seal cracks and crevices forming around the home. Pay special attention to the areas around doors, windows, and concrete foundations. Any damage to screens or glass windows should be immediately addressed and repaired.

Rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter, or 25 millimeters to be exact. What they can’t fit through, these creatures will gnaw though, compounding the damage twofold. Whether you are trying to prevent an infestation or just need a way to early identify the signs and symptoms of infestation in your home, rely on the folks at Hawx Pest Control for a free estimate today. 

Handle Rats Safety With Hawx Pest Control

Whether rats have been in your home for three hours or three weeks, the dangers they pose to your household are gravely serious. Parasites, illnesses, physical injury, and even food contamination may result from rodent infestations lasting only a few days. Despite what you may think, it simply isn’t safe to handle rat infestations on your own. The dangers and risks are too great to ignore, even on a small scale.

No matter what is said online, the safest and most effective way to handle rat infestations is to contact the professionals at Hawx Pest Control right away. We’re proud to uphold the four principles of excellence in every rat infestation we treat: honesty, a good attitude, great work ethic, and excitement to serve. We offer innovative pest control treatments that work against rats every single time! Free estimates and re-services between visits allow us to serve our Atlanta property owners with the greatest amount of care possible. For us, it isn’t just about pest control: it’s about people!

See for yourself and reach out to our team at Hawx Pest Control right away. Our agents will be happy to assist you over the phone, online, or in-person at one of our free home estimates. We are always prepared to lend a hand in your rat infestation concerns, no matter how big or how small they might be. Call us today for help that simply can’t be beat!

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