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As a homeowner, there are a few things that can cause nightmares. Burst sewer lines might be one of them. An electrical surge could be another. However, these disasters are sudden, instantaneous, and almost unpreventable. When it comes to pests, there is one particular species that everyone fears and is almost a certainty of life: termites. Termites can destroy the framework of a home in an extremely short amount of time, and every year these tiny insects cause billions of dollars in damages to structures across the country. However, when you have the pros at Hawx Pest Control on your side, you won’t have to stress or worry about termites coming to destroy your property. Our termite prevention and control services act as a shield that keeps these pests out and prevents them from feasting on the wood that your building is constructed from. We know how dangerous these pests can be, and that’s why we’re committed to constantly offering the finest and most effective preventive solutions available today. With our expertise and substantial training, you can be confident that our solutions will be effective in both the short term and into the long-term future.
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what are termites?

Most people know of termites and the damage they can cause, but a surprising number of people couldn’t identify one if shown pictures. This is because it’s actually quite rare to see termites out in the open—they live their lives underground in extensive colonies made up of tunnel networks not that unlike ants. In fact, many people describe termites as similar-looking, paler-colored ants, but the truth is they are quite different and really that’s about where the similarities end.

On their own, one termite can’t really do all that much. But the problem is termites are rarely alone. Instead, termites live in colonies that can range in numbers from the thousands all the way up to millions, and it doesn’t take long for a colony to grow, thrive, and flourish. And when they take root in a building, getting them out can be exceedingly difficult.

our termite control process

Determining whether you have an active termite infestation or not can be more complicated than you’d expect. Because termites are rarely found above ground in the open and the damage they cause is typically hidden away in areas that are out of sight (often behind drywall), finding signs that they are present can be tricky. However, they do leave behind subtle signs of their presence. Spotting these signs is often best left to professionals with experience in training in handling termite issues, like the team here at Hawx Pest Control.

We recommend having a professional termite inspection every three to five years to ensure your property is safe and in good condition. Our technicians are specially trained in how and where to look for termite damage, including using this evidence to determine termites are active in your home and, if so, what treatment option would work best in your situation.

Our primary method for treating termites is the Advance Termite Bait System. This system involves placing several bait traps around your property to draw termites to them. This bait contains an active ingredient that can destroy an entire colony, but remains undetectable by the termites themselves. We strategically place termite monitoring stations in the ground around the exterior of your home, particularly around key locations where termites may be tunneling into your property. When we identify termite activity around one of the stations, we place a bait cartridge in that station.

We also offer foaming application treatments. During this treatment, we drill holes through your drywall and insert a foam between the studs one to two feet high. Once the foam dies down, it leaves a residue that kills termites. Additionally, liquid treatments are available in some locations.

protect your home from wood-destroying termites

Termites can be dangerous and costly if left untreated in your home or business. If you think you might have a termite problem, or if you simply want to increase your peace of mind, reach out to Hawx Pest Control. Our termite inspections and treatments are thorough and effective.

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