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Mice Control Services

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Mice are one of the great pests in our society, both today and throughout history. It’s not that mice are vicious or territorial when it comes to humans—they prefer to stay away from us, however possible. However, mice have always followed men because men leave behind food that mice can use to live. For this reason, mice are often found as intruders in our homes, breaking into our cabinets, invading our trash cans, and building their nests inside our walls where they can scurry around with ease and without being noticed.

If you have a problem with mice, Hawx Pest Control can help. We proudly offer some of the finest and most reliable mice control services you’ll find anywhere, ensuring that these vermin are kept out where they belong. We know that mice can be dangerous, and that they carry illnesses and diseases that you want no part of. That’s why we work to not only get rid of the mice you have, but to prevent them from coming back by offering comprehensive treatment plans and preventative measures. We stand by the services we provide, and we’re even willing to guarantee results. If pests ever return between treatments, give us a call and we’ll re-treat your property again free of charge!

If you’re tired of the frustration of mouse problems, call Hawx Pest Control at (855) 908-0610 today! We offer services in ten states across the country—find your location.

Mice Problem? Call in the Hawx!

As with many other types of pests, mice are not a pointless nuisance upon society. Mice are nature’s scavengers, and their ability to process waste is critical for preventing rotting food and other forms of waste from getting out of hand. They are also an important food source for larger predators, including snakes, cats, and birds of prey like eagles, falcons, and, yes, hawks.

However, mice are notorious and prolific disease carriers, and their feet, teeth, and bodies are often infested with issues like fleas, bacteria, and more. They’re the last thing you want to see inside your home, and yet they seem to find their way in when you least expect your home to be vulnerable. Mice have an uncanny ability to squeeze their bodies through spaces that look impossibly small. And once inside, they can move quickly, which makes them particularly difficult to track.

We can handle all types of mouse problems, including:

  • House mice
  • Deer mice
  • Western harvest mice
  • White-footed mice

Preventing a Mouse Problem

Preventing mice from getting into your home may seem like a tall task, but the truth is their large size makes it particularly difficult for them to sneak in, especially if you are careful. Here are a few tips for keeping the mice outside and preventing them from finding their way into your home.

  • Trim away trees and tall bushes: Some mice are prolific climbers, and that means they can often use trees and tall bushes to get into your home through your attic. They find their way in through attic ventilation, where they can deal quite a lot of damage if you aren’t careful. Mice have been known to chew through electrical wires, data cables, and more.
  • Seal holes around plumbing: In many cases, the holes around plumbing lines are barely large enough for mice to squeeze their bodies through. They are drawn in by the warmth and shelter, and it’s almost impossible to get them out.
  • Mow long grass and trim gardens: Mice are always looking for cover and shelter to keep them out of the eyesight of predators, and that’s why they love long grass and bushes. Mow your grass frequently and make sure there is a gap between your garden and your building’s foundation.
  • Cover vents: Vents around your home are a prime spot for mice to break in. Mice are notorious for chewing through mesh covers and getting inside. Dryer vents are a particular offender here.

If you have a mouse problem, Hawx Pest Control is here to help. Contact us today.

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