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Much like mice, rats are notorious home invaders and prolific carriers of some of the worst diseases man has ever seen. In fact, it was rats that were responsible for spreading the Black Death, or the world’s second bubonic plague pandemic that wiped out nearly one-third of the global population in the year 1347. While rats don’t necessarily carry this disease (and we have since developed medicines for effectively treating it), they do still carry diseases like Salmonella, Tularemia, and Leptospirosis. They are also a host for other pests that carry disease, such as ticks that carry Lyme disease, typhus, and West Nile virus.

Rats are an unfortunately common pest, and that means keeping them out of your home can be tricky. That is, unless you have the experience of the rat control pros at Hawx Pest Control on your side. We know and have dealt with a wide variety of rat problems in the past, and we know how to effectively eliminate these vermin and keep them out for good. Our methods are thorough, effective, and guaranteed—we’ll successfully remove your problem for good, and our preventive methods help them stay away properly. When it comes to protecting your property, we take our job personally. Our mission is to help you not only live your life in comfort, but with peace of mind from knowing that your home and business are safe as well.

Have you spotted signs of a rat invasion? Can you hear the pitter-patter of feet in the roof over your head? Don’t hesitate; call Hawx Pest Control at (855) 908-0610 today.

How We Handle Your Rat Problem

Handling a rat problem effectively is fairly difficult—despite their large size, these creatures can hide in remarkably small spaces. And while they tend to avoid confrontation, they can be aggressive when threatened. They can also reproduce remarkably quickly, with females birthing several live young in every litter. Likewise, each litter is born in only a few short weeks, meaning a single female can produce dozens of young over the course of a single year. If not properly handled right away, what starts as a small rat problem could become a major headache in a short amount of time.

We handle all types of rat problems, including:

  • Norway rats: Also sometimes called the “brown rat” or the “sewer rat,” the Norway Rat is the largest common rat in the country, growing up to 15 to 20 inches in length. They are somewhat misnamed because they are most commonly found throughout the American Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest.
  • Roof rats: Roof rats are generally between five to seven inches in length, with a tail that can reach up to a further eight inches. They are more common in tropical and coastal areas, but are not uncommon in colder areas either.
  • Woodrats: Also called pack rats, they have a distinctive grayish-brown coat and a long, hairless tail. They generally live in the western half of North America, from Canada all the way down to New Mexico.
  • Marsh Rice Rats: These are some of the smallest common rats in the country, measuring roughly up to 12 inches total in length. They are common in tropical climates, including the lands surrounding the Gulf of Mexico (from the east coast through to Texas).

Commercial Rat Control

If you own a business, a rat is likely the last thing you want to see. Rats will almost immediately cause a total failure of any health inspections, as will even signs of a rat’s presence, such as droppings or urine. Even if your business doesn’t receive regular health inspections, nobody wants to work in an office or environment that has a significant problem with these types of intruders. Therefore, keeping rats under control is of the utmost importance. Whether you have a small location or a large facility with extensive infrastructure, Hawx Pest Control is equipped to help you keep these pests away and keep your business running like usual.

Have a rat problem? Make the right choice and contact Hawx Pest Control. We service ten states across the country—find your nearest location today!

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