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Stinging Insect Control

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Stinging insects are a constant threat to those around us. People have learned to fear wasps and hornets because their stings are incredibly painful. For those who allergic to the venom they produce, stinging insects are a constant threat that could be fatal. Even though these insects are beneficial and have their place in our ecosystem, they aren’t something you typically want on your property, including around young children, pets, or anyone who might be allergic. This is particularly true inside your home, where a single sting could really ruin your day, and that’s if you aren’t allergic.

If you’re having issues with stinging insects invading your property, be it a hive of hornets or a nest full of angry wasps, Hawx Pest Control is the name to call. We offer comprehensive pest control services, including using the industry’s leading techniques and products to obtain successful and ongoing results. Our goal is to do so much more than get rid of your issue; it’s to give you peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe, and that you don’t have to worry about the threat of stinging insects always hanging around your family and loved ones.

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All About Wasps

Unlike bees that can only sting once, wasps can sting as many times and as often as they would like. And they often don’t hesitate to. Wasps are notoriously aggressive, and they don’t have nearly the same beneficial impact that bees do. They do have their place, but they don’t produce honey, and are not the flower pollinators that bees are.

Wasps also have a tendency to build nests just about anywhere they can, and this commonly includes on the underside of the eaves over many homes and businesses. These areas are out of direct sunlight, providing relief from heat and light, and giving them ample space to grow their nest. Nests can grow alarmingly quickly too, and each nest can produce dozens of eggs that hatch in as little as a few months.

Wasps are generally much larger than bees, including having much longer but skinny wings. Most wasps have some sort of yellow coloration to them, and typically have some sort of a striped pattern. However, different species have varying degrees of coloration. For example, mud daubers are almost always brown or black.

All About Hornets

Hornets are often confused with wasps, and for good reason: they are actually a type of wasp, and a particularly angry and dangerous type at that. Some species can reach over 2 inches in length, and their stings can be incredibly painful. They are highly aggressive, particularly when it comes to defending their nests, and hunting their prey. Hornets, like wasps, can be carnivorous, and will actually eat other small insects, including bees. In fact, certain species of hornets have been found to be capable of wiping out an entire beehive with only two to three hornets. These types of stinging insects need to be handled with the utmost care and professionalism, as eliminating them and their nests can be tricky to do safely. That’s why we recommend trusting your needs to the team at Hawx Pest Control.

Is your property under threat from stinging insects? Contact Hawx Pest Control today for wasp control services in Austin, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, or one of our other locations.

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