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Eliminate pests and save big! with Hawx Pest Control. Get $150 off your first service using code FL150 at checkout.

Limited Time Offer

Eliminate pests and save big! with Hawx Pest Control. Get $150 off your first service using code FL150 at checkout.

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The Most Thorough Pest Control Tallahassee FL Locals Have Ever Seen

Effective pest control is not just a one-time affair but a continuous process to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment. This is where the significance of reliable pest control Tallahassee FL locals trust comes into play. At the forefront of providing comprehensive pest management solutions is Hawx Pest Control.

Our most popular offering is General Pest Control, a service that stands as the cornerstone of our operations. This service is not just another task on your to-do list; it’s a proactive, ongoing strategy to maintain a pest-free environment in your home. Recognized as our primary Standalone Service Plan, General Pest Control is the gateway to a world of specialized, Add-On services.

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we’ve structured our services to be both flexible and comprehensive. If you’re eyeing an Add-On Service, such as specific treatments for termites or rodents, it’s essential to have an active Standalone Service Plan. These Standalone Service Plans, often referred to as “subscriptions,” are more than just isolated treatments. They are a commitment to ongoing vigilance and protection against pests. While some services, like our Bed Bug Treatment, are one-off interventions, our main goal is to offer a subscription for General Pest Control Tallahassee FL residents need, because it is not just a service; it’s a promise – a promise to keep your home consistently pest-free.

Hawx Pest Control stands out in the Tallahassee area for its dedication to offering high-quality services. Our approach is not just about dealing with pests; it’s about offering you peace of mind. With our subscription-based model, we ensure that your pest control needs are met regularly, efficiently, and effectively. Let us take the worry out of pest control, so you can enjoy your home in comfort and safety.

Our Treatment Process

Our Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests

We Offer Excellent And Effective Tallahassee Pest Control Solutions

Pests, if left unchecked, can not only cause structural damage but also pose health risks. Understanding the unique challenges of this region, our approach to Tallahassee pest control at Hawx is both strategic and thorough, ensuring your home remains an impenetrable fortress against unwanted invaders.

Our primary line of defense is an applied liquid treatment, designed to create an unyielding barrier around the foundation of your home. This barrier is not just limited to the obvious entry points like doorways and window sills; it extends to less noticeable areas such as exterior light fixtures, pipe chases, and any potential entry points. This comprehensive perimeter treatment is the first step in establishing a pest-free environment.

However, our commitment to keeping your home pest-free doesn’t stop there. Recognizing that pests often find their way through the smallest of openings, we at Hawx Pest Control employ a specialized Crack & Crevice Treatment, which involves the application of a dust product, targeting the most challenging and often overlooked areas of your home. Our exterminator focuses on the structural nuances of your property, addressing gaps in doorways, windows, utility penetrations, and even the minutest openings in bricks, stone, or pavement. Our meticulous attention to these details ensures that even the smallest pests find nowhere to quarter in your home.

At Hawx Pest Control, our exterminator believes in a proactive and comprehensive approach to pest management. Our treatments are designed not just to address current pest issues but to prevent future infestations, ensuring your home remains a safe and comfortable haven. Trust us to be your partners in Tallahassee pest control, safeguarding your home with expertise and care.

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Wasps, Hornets & Bees

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The Most Efficient Pest Control Tallahassee Florida Has To Offer

Florida is a place where the climate can foster a variety of indoor pest challenges, so securing the type of top-notch pest solutions Tallahassee Florida residents trust is essential. At Hawx Pest Control, we understand that effective pest management often focuses on the exterior, but we also recognize the importance of interior vigilance in certain situations.

Our General Pest Control plan includes an option for Interior Service, although it’s rarely required. The rationale is straightforward: by delivering exceptional exterior services, we significantly reduce the likelihood of pests entering your home. However, we remain flexible and responsive to the unique needs of each situation. Interior inspections are conducted if our team finds evidence of pest activity during their exterior examination or if you, as the homeowner, report any signs of pest intrusion or specifically request an interior service.

In addition to our interior and exterior pest solutions Tallahassee Florida locals rely on, we offer a specialized De-webbing Service. Utilizing an extension pole that reaches over 20 feet, our team skillfully removes cobwebs and nests, including those of spiders and wasps, from various points around your property. This service covers eaves, rooflines, doorways, porches, patios, bushes, foundations, light fixtures, and garages. Our goal at Hawx Pest Control is not only to eliminate these immediate nuisances but also to deter future web formation and nesting, contributing to a cleaner and more pleasant home environment.

Hawx Pest Control

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

No matter the size or extent of your pest problem, our knowledgeable experts at Hawx are here to help with all of your pest control needs. Your home should be a sanctuary that’s free from unwanted household pests, and our job is to keep it that way. Hawx pest control technicians are ready with industry-leading tools and technology along with the highest quality products to give you an effective pest control solution. 


Areas We Serve

Hawx Pest Control serves over 14 communities and areas in the Tallahassee area. Our local Hawx team lives in the communities we serve, giving you the benefits of local pest control expertise backed by a nationwide, industry-leading pest control company.

Our Pest Control Pros Can Take Care of All Types of Pests, including:

Ants Bed Bugs Bees Carpenter Ants Cockroaches Fleas Mosquitoes Rodents Mice Rats Spiders Termites Ticks Wasps and Hornets Wood Destroying Insects

We Offer Reliable Pest Control In Tallahassee Florida

Our approach at Hawx Pest Control offers a comprehensive strategy that extends well beyond the walls of your home, ensuring a holistic solution to pest management. Our Extended Barrier Treatment is a testament to our thorough pest control in Tallahassee Florida. During our meticulous inspection, we identify all potentially vulnerable areas around your home.

Following this, our Tallahassee exterminators apply a combination of liquid and granular products, creating a robust 6-foot perimeter of protection. This barrier is not just a deterrent; it’s a proactive measure to stop pests in their tracks before they even reach your home.

Understanding that each yard has its unique characteristics, we offer a tailored Yard Treatment service. We don’t just treat your yard; we study it as an important aspect of our approach to pest control in Tallahassee Florida. By walking the entirety of your yard during our inspection, we identify specific landscape features that could attract pests, including flower beds, tree bases, and other common pest hotspots. Our targeted application of granules in these areas ensures that your yard doesn’t become a breeding ground for pests.

At Hawx Pest Control, our Tallahassee exterminators believe in a complete pest management solution. Our services are designed to address both immediate pest issues and prevent future infestations, ensuring your home and yard remain a safe and enjoyable space. With our expertise and comprehensive approach, you can rest assured that your pest control needs are in capable hands. Let us help you maintain the beauty and integrity of your Tallahassee home, inside and out.

Home of the Free Re-service

At Hawx Pest Control , we stand behind the quality of our work and always go the extra mile to ensure your property receives the maximum level of protection against pests. If pest problems pop up in between your regularly scheduled appointments, we will provide an additional service at absolutely no cost to you!

Strategic Solutions For Pest Control In Tallahassee FL

At Hawx Pest Control, we understand that the battle against pests is ongoing, and our services are designed to provide lasting solutions that adapt to this reality. Pesticides, while effective, have a limited duration of potency, typically lasting around 90 days. To ensure continuous protection for your home, Hawx recommends services every 90 days, which is crucial in keeping pest activity to a minimum and maintaining a pest-free environment throughout the year.

Our main subscription services, such as General Pest Control, are backed by a robust Service Warranty. This warranty is a testament to our commitment to your peace of mind and satisfaction because we understand that pests can be persistent, and even the best treatments may need follow-ups. Therefore, if you notice pests returning between our scheduled visits, our Service Warranty empowers you to call us for a Warranty Service at no additional charge.

Our Service Warranty slogan, “Whenever pests crawl, customers can give us a call. We’ll schedule a Warranty Service to come and take care of it at no additional charge,” encapsulates our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

At Hawx Pest Control, we don’t just provide pest control we offer the assurance of continuous, effective pest management. Trust us to keep your home safe and pest-free, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re receiving the best pest control in Tallahassee FL.

With its subtropical climate and temps that rarely dip below the 60s, Tallahassee is a particularly conducive place for household pest infestations. Cockroaches, ants, and spiders are three of the most common pest concerns in this Gulf region of the Florida panhandle.

Sunny climes and humidity combined with the plentiful food provided by Florida’s agricultural industry means that pests are very common in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.  

With warming temperatures comes more severe weather, and for a city like Tallahassee, this is particularly impactful. Heavy, sudden rainfall can result in wet basements and leaky roofs, leading to a surge in pests like termites and rodents like mice or rats. 

Prevention is the number one way to ensure that your home stays pest-free despite changing weather patterns. Hawx experts create proactive solutions to keep your home or business safe and comfortable. 
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Home Pest Control Solutions in Tallahassee

At Hawx, we understand how important it is for your home to be a safe space—and there’s nothing quite like a pest infestation to make you feel unsettled. Our pest control team is prepared with years of experience and proven solutions to keep your home protected against a variety of disruptive pests. Whether you have a current issue or you’re thinking ahead to prevent future infestations, we’re here to help you control any pest situations in your home or business.

Our Top-Notch Exterminator Tallahassee FL Locals Rely On

In the seasonally diverse environment of Tallahassee, FL, effective pest control requires more than just a one-time intervention. As a leading exterminator in the region, we at Hawx Pest Control understand that a consistent, seasonally adjusted approach is crucial for maintaining a pest-free home throughout the year. 

Our services are designed not just to address current pest issues but to anticipate and prevent future infestations. Our exterminator Tallahassee FL locals rely on, consistently stresses to our customers the importance of Regular Services for General Pest Control (GPC) as a cornerstone for maintaining a pest-free environment throughout the year. Our “4-seasons” services are not just routine procedures; they are carefully customized to address the specific pest challenges that each season presents. This approach ensures that your home is not only treated for current pest problems but is also fortified against future infestations. 

By adapting our methods and treatments to the changing seasons, our exterminator Tallahassee FL locals love, provides a dynamic and effective defense against a wide array of pests, ensuring your home remains a comfortable and safe environment all year round. Our General Pest Control at Hawx Pest Control covers a comprehensive range of common pests, providing robust protection against intruders such as Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, Crazy ants, Ghost ants, Little ants, Odorous House ants, Pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, various centipedes (including House, Soil, and Stone centipedes), Millipedes, American and Oriental cockroaches, Box Elder bugs, Crickets, Earwigs, most Spiders, Pillbugs, Silverfish, Wasps, and other occasional invaders. This extensive coverage ensures that your home is protected from the most prevalent pests in Tallahassee.

Tech Driven

Our state of the art pest control services provide the customer a fully transparent and dependable experience. You will be provided with a report following your appointment informing you on all the services that were provided.

The Most Experienced And Trustworthy Tallahassee Exterminator

When it comes to pest control, particularly in a region as ecologically diverse as Tallahassee, FL, the difference between choosing an inexperienced service provider and a seasoned one can be stark. The disadvantages of opting for an inexperienced pest control service are numerous and can lead to long-term issues. In contrast, our experienced service at Hawx Pest Control offers a comprehensive approach. Our Tallahassee exterminator, equipped with extensive knowledge and the latest technology, conducts thorough inspections to identify not just the pests, but also the root causes of infestations. Our Tallahassee exterminator uses targeted treatments that are effective yet safe for your family and the environment. Our experience also allows us to anticipate and mitigate potential future pest problems, providing a proactive approach to pest control.

An inexperienced pest control service often results in ineffective treatment. Without a deep understanding of pest behavior and habitat, these services may only address surface-level problems, leaving underlying causes untouched. This superficial treatment can lead to recurring infestations, costing homeowners more in the long run. Additionally, inexperienced technicians might use improper or excessive chemicals, posing health risks to residents and pets, and potentially harming the environment.

While the allure of lower costs from inexperienced services might be tempting, the long-term benefits of choosing an experienced pest control service like Hawx Pest Control are undeniable. Our expertise not only addresses your immediate pest concerns but also safeguards your home against future issues, ensuring a healthy, safe, and pest-free living environment. Contact our team today for more information!

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