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Located on Lake Michigan, Chicago is known as one of the biggest cities in the United States. To keep damaging and disease-ridden pests from invading your residential or commercial property, Hawx Pest Control provides Chicago residents with the most effective, efficient, and long-term pest control services possible. Our certified pest technicians can take care of all sorts of common Chicago pest problems, including rodents, stinging insects, ants, bed bugs, and more! Avoid the frustration that pests cause by contacting Hawx Pest Control today!

Home Pest Control In Chicago, IL

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No matter what you do to stop them, pests always seem to find a way to invade Chicago homes – causing problems for families all around. The experts here at Hawx Pest Control are committed to protecting people and properties from the stress, destruction, and dangers of pests. Our pest technicians provide top-of-the-line pest control services for Chicago homeowners that will keep your home and family protected from a wide range of common residential pests.

We offer bi-monthly and quarterly pest control services that will meet the needs of your specific pest problems. Our goal is to include the most advanced pest control solutions into our home pest control plans to keep your Chicago home 100% pest-free throughout every season. Get in touch with Hawx Pest Control today to learn all about our home pest control and management plans.

Commercial Pest Control In Chicago, IL

Nothing is more disturbing to your customers than finding rodents or cockroaches running around your commercial property. When it comes to owning a business, pests are more than just a nuisance; they can impact the success and image of your Chicago business. To avoid the negative impact that pest infestations can have on your business reputation, partner with the licensed pest technicians here at Hawx Pest Control. We work hard to keep pests out of your commercial building so that you can focus on the needs of your customers and your company. By utilizing the latest pest control technologies, you can rest easy knowing that your facility is protected year-round. Don’t wait for pests to cause problems on your property!

Who Else Wants To Avoid Stinging Insects In Chicago, IL

Many people enjoy the summer and the fun activities that come with it. However, you never want to get in the way of an angry wasp, bee, or hornet. Stinging insects are common warm-weather pests that can cause a lot of problems when they build their nests on your residential or commercial property. Not only are these insects annoying, but they can also be dangerous in certain situations. Although one sting is not a fun experience, it won’t cause any lasting damage to your health. However, if you are allergic to stinging insect venom or are stung multiple times, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Implement the following stinging insect prevention steps to avoid being stung this season:

  • Try not to use strong scented lotions, perfumes, and shampoos when you work in your yard.

  • Avoid making sudden movements when faced by a wasp, bee, or hornet.

  • Avoid wearing bright colors and floral patterned clothing.

  • Keep an eye out for signs of stinging insect nests on your property.

  • Reduce the number of flowering plants around your home or commercial building.

  • While hosting outdoor parties or barbecues, keep all foods covered to avoid attracting stinging insects.

Hawx Pest Control provides stinging insect control and removal services that will keep your Chicago home or business protected year-round.

3 Dangers Rodents Pose In Chicago, IL

When you look at a mouse or rat, your first thought probably doesn’t have to do with how dangerous it could be. Instead, you might wonder how these pests got into your Chicago home or business and how you can stop them in the future. Unfortunately, rodents are much more dangerous than you might think. Rodent infestations can cause many threats to your residential or commercial building, including the following:

1. Disease – Rodents are known for spreading a wide range of diseases, bacteria, and parasites. Salmonella, plague, and tularemia are a few of the illnesses rodents are responsible for transmitting.

2. Fires and floods – Rodents have strong front teeth that they use to chew on everything, including wires and pipes. Unfortunately, this chewing can lead to electrical shorts, fires, and floods in certain scenarios.

3. Bites and scratches – Rodents are wild animals, which means they often become aggressive when threatened.

Rodents reproduce at a rapid rate and are difficult to get rid of without professional help. Hawx Pest Control provides rodent trapping, baiting, and exclusion work to control and prevent rodent problems in Chicago properties. To schedule rodent control services for Chicago property owners, contact Hawx Pest Control today!


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