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Effective Pest Control Options For Dallas, Texas Property Owners

As the third largest city in the state of Texas, Dallas is not only home to a lot of people, but also a lot of pests. Located inland, Dallas has a humid, subtropical climate and a wide annual temperature range, making it prone to extreme conditions like tornadoes and hailstorms. Summers in the southern plains of the Unites States are hot and humid, while winters are cool to mild. The climate provides ideal conditions for pests year-round, and there is no season immune from the dangers of pest infestation.

The good thing is, Hawx Pest Control is here to help! Since our humble beginnings 2013, our team of licensed and certified pest experts has always prioritized customer satisfaction. We use the best products and most efficient treatment plans to rid your home or business once and for all of the most common pests in Dallas.

Home Pest Control In Dallas, TX

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If your home has been invaded by unwanted pests, it’s definitely time to call in the professionals. Hawx Pest Control offers top-of-the-line home pest control services to members of the Dallas, TX community and the surrounding areas.

Whether you go with our monthly or bimonthly service plan, you can rest assured knowing that our approach is fully customized to fit your specific needs. After our initial inspection, we work with you to pick the best plan of action for your home. Whether you’re living in a new house or a rental property, you need to protect your home from harmful intruders.

Hawx Pest Control offers long-term pest control for Dallas homeowners, and we guarantee a follow up visit within a month of our initial inspection. Our experts are highly trained to treat your home for our area's toughest pests. Call us today for a free estimate – we’re here to help you.

Commercial Pest Control In Dallas, TX

If you are business owner in the greater Dallas area, you’re in luck; Hawx Pest Control began providing commercial pest control services in 2016! Our service managers start with a personalized visit to identify all pest activity, conducive conditions, and points of entry. From there, we construct a customized commercial pest control plan that targets your specific problem areas and treats the rest of the property to prevent the infestation from spreading.

As one of our area’s most celebrated pest control companies, we take our reputation seriously. We offer the latest products and the most effective technologies, and we are ready to rid your commercial property for good. From apartments and restaurants to healthcare facilities and government buildings, we’re ready to help!

Get Rid Of American Cockroaches Once & For All In Dallas, TX

Texas is crawling with billions of cockroaches. Whether it’s in your cozy home kitchen or your pristine commercial kitchen, cockroaches are the most complained-about insect in the entire state of Texas – eating and spoiling millions of dollars in food each year. They may not devour wood or cause large-scale structural damage, but they do carry disease and cause a great deal of psychological turmoil. The largest home-infesting cockroach in Dallas, TX is the American Cockroach, also referred to as the Wood Roach.

These oval-shaped pests are fully winged and prefer infesting warm, dark spaces that are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You will commonly find cockroaches in the basement, crawlspaces, utility areas under bathtubs and sinks, sewers, and other outdoor areas that are rich with humidity. They can usually be found eating decaying organic matter both in and out of your home; a good way to get them to disperse is to turn on the lights so they scurry away from their secluded hiding areas to find shelter in darkness once again.

There are a number of prevention methods you can put in place to avoid a cockroach infestation, including the following:

  • Install dehumidifiers in basements and crawlspaces for proper ventilation.

  • Correct moisture problems in and around your home.

  • Seal areas around pipes that enter the home.

  • Regularly vacuum and sweep infested areas.

  • Wipe down counters and reduce clutter.

  • Don’t keep food out in the open.

  • Pick up and dispose of leftover pet food.

  • Store food in fridge and/or airtight containers.

  • Install weather stripping around doors and windows.

  • Insert a stone barrier between mulch and the foundation of your house.

  • Remove garbage and store away from your home in trash cans with tightly fitted lids.

Cockroaches pick up germs as they crawl through garbage and sewers and they spread pathogens and bacteria that can be quite harmful to humans. To completely protect your home or business from these filthy, dangerous pests, it is best practice to implement a pest control strategy from the pest control experts here at Hawx Pest Control.

Here's A Quick Way To Solve Rodent Problems In Dallas, TX

Once of the most upsetting calls we get is from those who’ve just spotted a rodent running through their home or business. From trapping and removal to decontamination and regular maintenance of entry prevention, our team at Hawx Pest Control is here for you every step of the way. As rodents seek a cozy place to nest for the season, they find refuge in your crawlspaces and attics. Not only are they jarring to see, but they also contaminate surfaces and transmit diseases, posing a real health threat to those nearby.

To prevent a rodent infestation from occurring in your Dallas home or business, you can try the following tips:

  • Keep living areas clean by cleaning up spills and eliminate clutter.

  • Store food and belongings in gnaw proof containers.

  • Eliminate food and water sources.

  • Repair leaks in water pipes.

  • Seal entry points and block off cracks and crevices.

  • Store trash in metal container with a tightly fitted lid.

  • Keep woodpiles and tree trimmings away from your home and garage.

Say you try all of this and the rodents still don’t budge; you’ve tried glue boards and snap traps, even bait stations and live trapping, and still nothing. Once you've exhausted your resources, it's time for rodent control services from the experienced professionals at Hawx Pest Control. We proudly service the residents and businesses of the greater Dallas area and we look forward to helping you rid your property of pests once and for all. Contact Hawx Pest Control today to schedule rodent control services in Dallas, TX!


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